The Best 15 Modern Literature Research Paper Topics

When you are going to write a research paper, the first question may arise is what to discuss. It’s not a problem when you are given a topic. In case you have the freedom of choice, it becomes quite a difficult task to decide on your own as to the subject to reveal. That is why you may find it easier to come up with the idea for your work if you see some topic suggestions from writers at Paper Written for inspiration.

What Modern Literature Topics to Consider for Your Research Paper

It doesn’t mean that you need to use these topics for your own work. Instead, you can read the following list to generate your own idea.

  • How does J.K Rowling use symbolism and imagery in her works?
  • ‘How to stop worrying and start living’: discuss what Dale Carnegie recommends.
  • Black humor: in what literature works you can find its examples.
  • Discuss the examples of catharsis in modern literature and decide which one is the best.
  • The roles of tragedy and death in modern works of literature.
  • Feminism and its influence on modern literature.
  • The taboo of sex: is it still necessary in adult literature?
  • Breaking stereotypes in literature: which writers are the most successful?
  • Hellenism: is its theme still important and discussed in the works of modern authors?
  • How are the environmental problems covered in books?
  • Books vs. the Internet: Does it really prevent teens from reading?
  • How are homosexuality and bisexuality reflected in the latest literature?
  • Traveling: in what books can you find the best traveling tips?
  • The critique of tragic comedy in modern literature.
  • Popular science: Stephen Hawking and his bestsellers.

Don’t try to focus on a particular book or author, instead think about the problem you want to discuss and find its examples in the literature. You can even choose a book you like and make a research of the influence it had on your life.

Modern authors offer you a great variety of topics and genres, so you will definitely find the most appealing book you want to discuss and study. This will help you understand the writer’s work better, as well as find new answers to your own life questions. A research paper is a great possibility to immerse yourself in the book and come to a better understanding of your own life and nature. Check PimpMyPaper to get more information.

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